A coffee Break with: MW Christoph Bosbach PGM

from an idea of MW Daniel J. Lim PGM

First Name

Christoph A.

Last name


Espresso, with or without sugar?

Sugar, a bit.

Are you a Mason?


Is the Grand Master the wisest of you all?

…Smiles… And takes a sip… (Editor´s Note.)

What was your first thought after becoming Grand Master?

Hopefully, I have not overburdened myself and will be able to meet the expectations.

what was your last?

Wow! what a great time that was; perhaps the Brethren will appreciate what I did.

When did you join Masonry?

June 1991

Why did you join?

I was about to turn 30 at that time and my life was changing a lot. Finished studies, about to become father and in general I couldn’t accept that my own personality shouldn’t change. I was looking for a new challenge to interact with others and to work on myself.

Did you find what you were looking for?

Yes, I think so. If my interaction with others is acceptable is something to be asked to others.

You recently attended the Annual communication of the American Canadian Grand Lodge under the United Grand lodge of Germany, what do the “Amis” do differently?

The ACGL, or better, the Brethren within the ACGL are like a great family. The integration of spouses and kids is exemplary. The acceptance of your code is fact and the orientation to the future is commendable.

To quote the immortal Arnold Schwarzenegger, will you “Be back” with us?

The work of a mason is never done.


Sir CelloALot

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