Brethren on the Waiting List: A Masonic Odyssey in Piraeus

Once upon a time, in the hallowed halls of a German Masonic lodge, three intrepid Freemasons found themselves on an unexpected journey to the ancient city of Piraeus, Greece. United by brotherhood and a shared passion for the craft, their adventure unfolded with a blend of uncertainty, mystique, and a generous sprinkle of Masonic humor.

The trio, RW. Br. Tar, WBr. Kon, and Br. Hol, had embarked on this expedition with the hope of participating in a unique Entered Apprentice initiation at a Greek lodge ISOTIS (Equality) in the East of Piraeus. Little did they know that their journey would be as unpredictable as Tyler’s attendance.

As the departure date loomed, the three brethren found themselves in a quandary worthy of a Masonic riddle. Until the eleventh hour, they were unsure if the Masonic powers would grant them a plane ticket. Summoning the spirit of Hiram Abiff, they finally secured passage to Piraeus, where ancient mysteries awaited them.

From the Darkness Comes the Light

Upon arriving at the Greek lodge, the brethren were ushered into the depths of the building—a basement that seemed plucked from the annals of Masonic folklore. To access this enigmatic chamber, one had to navigate a set of metallic stairs, ominously moveable with a chain. The sounds of old metal hitting each other echoed through the stairwell, creating an eerie symphony that added a layer of mystique to the descent.

As they traversed the metallic steps, the temperature dropped noticeably, and the thick walls, constructed of imposing stones, surrounded them like silent sentinels of the craft. The flickering light of candles, faithfully illuminating the cryptic surroundings, cast dancing shadows that played on the periphery of their vision.

In the center of the room stood a solitary table, upon which rested a chair, a pen, and an empty sheet of paper. These seemingly simple items held a weight of significance, for they were the tools through which one could encapsulate the essence of a lifetime. Four questions, etched with purpose, awaited the probing thoughts that could unravel the tapestry of one’s existence.

Cryptic objects adorned space, each possessing its own esoteric meaning known only to the initiated. Greek ancient sayings, etched into the walls, whispered timeless wisdom that reverberated in the minds of those who dared to contemplate them. The air was pregnant with introspection, and every moment spent in this chamber felt like an eternity.

How long could one endure the profound solitude of the Dark Room? Time seemed to lose its conventional meaning, and the brethren grappled with thoughts that transcended the mundane. The room, with its symbolic elements and ancient aura, became a crucible for self-reflection sacred space where the innermost thoughts and obligations echoed in the minds of those who ventured into its depths.

The Lodge – a reflection of the microcosm and macrocosm of the universe

The lodge room itself was a celestial spectacle. Symbols reminiscent of the universe adorned every corner, as if the Grand Architect had personally taken charge of interior decorating. The brethren couldn’t help but marvel at the cosmic tapestry woven into the very fabric of the lodge. It was like attending a meeting in the Great Celestial Lodge above.

Embarking on a voyage through time, the Greek lodge meticulously traces the path of blended ancient rituals, including those of AASR, the French Rite, and the Misraim Rite. This sacred lineage, originating in 1863 from Lodge Phoenix Nr.1  in Corfu, Greece, imbues the proceedings with a profound layer of historical significance passed down through generations.

As the brethren stepped into the lodge, they found themselves immersed in a celestial spectacle, a testament to the meticulous dedication to detail that characterized the Greek lodge. Every inch of the room bore witness to a cosmic theme that transcended the mundane. The universe unfolded in symbols that adorned every corner, as if the Grand Architect himself had taken a personal interest in interior design. The brethren couldn’t help but marvel at the cosmic tapestry woven into the very fabric of the lodge.

The zodiac symbols, carefully placed, whispered ancient stories of the stars and their influence on the earthly realm. Columns of different architectural styles stood proudly, embodying the enduring strength and wisdom of the classical orders. Pomegranates, with their rich symbolism, added a touch of mystery, alluding to fertility, abundance, and the cycle of life.

Swords, reminiscent of the tools of the craft, stood as guardians of virtue, while lions, symbols of strength and courage, adorned the space with regal presence. The room itself seemed to breathe with the wisdom of age, each element carefully chosen to reflect the profound teachings embedded in Masonic tradition.

As the brethren took their places within this cosmic sanctum, they realized that they were not merely attending a meeting; they were partaking in a ritual that connected them to the Great Celestial Lodge above. The lodge room, steeped in history and adorned with symbols, became a sacred space where the past, present, and future converged in a harmonious dance of Masonic continuity.

The Rebirth

The initiation of the new candidate unfolded like a cosmic journey, spanning almost two hours that felt like a timeless odyssey through the labyrinth of Masonic symbolism. The candidate navigated a series of symbolic obstacles, each one a reflection of life’s intricate tapestry and a profound observation on the Masonic journey.

Challenges emerged, mirroring the twists and turns of life’s trials. The candidate faced puzzles that tested wit, riddles that demanded contemplation, and lessons that echoed with the wisdom of the craft. It was a journey through the allegorical landscapes of Masonic teachings, where each challenge left an indelible mark on the initiate’s soul.

Yet, with each challenge, the Masonic chain that bound the brethren together grew bigger and stronger. The candidate, guided by the collective wisdom of the lodge, a symbolic rebirth into the Masonic brotherhood, concluded with a sense of unity and shared purpose.

As the final ritual unfolded, the brethren, bound by the mystic ties of the craft, gathered for a celebratory dinner with a view of Piraeus port. The hall resonated with laughter, a testament to the shared joy of the Masonic journey. Masonic humor added a light-hearted touch to the festivities, turning the challenges faced during the initiation into cherished anecdotes, shared with a knowing twinkle in the eye.

Amidst the clinking of glasses, the brethren raised their red wine-filled goblets for a toast, invoking the timeless verses of Rudyard Kipling. The poetic words echoed through the hall, underscoring the significance of brotherhood and the sacred bonds that united them.

The exchange of presents became a symbolic act, each gift a tangible representation of the profound brotherly affection shared among the brethren. These tokens, carefully chosen, enriched the collective memories of a lifetime, becoming cherished reminders of the unique bond forged in the crucible of Masonic initiation.

In a moment of altruism, the brethren, on behalf of the United American 819 and Türkay Lodge 995, made a generous donation to the ELPIDA Children’s Unit. The name ELPIDA, meaning Hope, echoed the essence of the Masonic journey—a journey that brings hope, enlightenment, and compassion to both brethren and the wider community.

The celebration, more than a mere culmination of the initiation, became a reaffirmation of the enduring bonds that bound the brethren together. It created a mosaic of laughter, wisdom, and brotherly love that would resonate not only through the hallways of the lodge but also through the timeless corridors of Masonic memory.

Until we meet again…


Worshipful Master Brother Konstantinos Gkatzis, Brother Holger Seilz, JGW Brother Tarik Eker

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