Field Lodge 2024 (save the date)

Muenster Lodge No. 831 Ulm WM Fabian Geyer.

The Muenster Field Lodge continues to grow with every successful year.
If you have not yet attended, do not miss this opportunity for a true historical Masonic event!
For the third Annual Field Lodge, the degree work and Lodge will convene on 29 June, however, the event will span the entire weekend.
For those wishing to camp, the site will be open on the evening of Friday, 28 June and we will clean up and depart on the morning of 30 June. Save the date and keep watch for more information as we near the date and develop our event planning.

TIME: Saturday, 29 June 2024, BBQ 15.00 c.t., Tyled Lodge 18:00 c.t.
PLACE: Camping Ground, Mangmühle, 87672 Rosshaupten
ATTIRE: Casual / Outdoor / Battle Dress
COSTS: Registration fee is 30€ and covers rental fees and limited beverages. 50€ for any Brethren participating in the BBQ (pre-registration required)

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