Grand Master´s Charity project 2023-24

The “Brücke nach Kyiv e. V.” is the charity project that our Grand Master wishes to support. In 2022 we have already supported this project with donations from the ACGL.
As was reported in a past communicator, we were well received and thanked for our efforts.
In the last year there were several changes in the organization Brücke nach Kyiv e. V.. The founder and mainstay of the organization Mrs. Elisabeth Hölzl has after 25 years with the work of the Verein stepped down as president. She has passed much of the work on to younger people.

The new president Michael Binner part of a three-man team with Marius Engel and Fabian Kazenwadel have taken on the work and are carrying out the goals of the Verein.

The purpose of the Verein is the support of needy persons, such as children and families with many children, financially weak, low-income or Chernobyl-affected persons in Ukraine, mainly in Kiev and its surroundings.
For our donation the ACGL received a thank you from the Government Commissioner for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
The Verein has a very informative webpage that displays the different projects they are supporting.
This past winter they transported many winter coats, blankets and sleeping bags to help children get through the winter. Due to the war the support of Internally displaced persons has become a second direction of the Verein not just in Kyiv.
Please look at the possibility within your Lodge to donate to support this Charity endeavor of the ACGL for 2023.

MW Luis Baez Delgado

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