Robert Burns Supper 2024

The Master and the Brn of Pyramid Lodge No.869 are happy to invite you to the Robert Burns Supper 2024

Robert Burns, a name celebrated in both Masonic and literary circles, was initiated into the St. David Masonic Lodge in Tarbolton on the 4th of July in 1781, a significant step taken when he was just 22 years old. Shortly thereafter, in December 1781, Burns temporarily relocated to Irvine with the aim of mastering the art of flax-dressing. However, destiny had other plans. The turn of the New Year in 1781/1782, marked by festive workers’ celebrations that included Burns, took an unexpected turn when the flax shop they were in caught fire, reducing it to ashes. This unforeseen event brought an end to his flax-dressing venture, prompting Burns to return to Lochlea farm.

During this period of uncertainty, fate introduced Burns to Richard Brown, who became a steadfast friend and advocate for his poetic talents. Encouraged by Brown, Burns continued to pen his poems and songs, embarking on a journey that would eventually make him an iconic figure in the world of literature.

It was in 1783 that Burns started keeping a commonplace book, a testament to his growing dedication to the written word. Meanwhile, his father was embroiled in a legal dispute with their landlord, a case that escalated all the way to the Court of Session. In a turn of events that would mark a poignant chapter in Burns’ life, his father’s position was upheld in January 1784, just a fortnight before his father’s passing. This period of personal and familial challenges, coupled with his burgeoning literary talents, laid the foundation for the enduring legacy of Robert Burns.

This upcoming event provides a unique opportunity to reflect on the journey and influences of Robert Burns within the context of Masonry and the broader cultural tapestry. The evening’s formal setting, dressed in Scottish attire or suits and gowns, captures the essence of an era when both Masonry and literary pursuits flourished. It’s a time to celebrate not only the life and contributions of Robert Burns but also the enduring principles and camaraderie shared within the Masonic community.

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