From The Grand Treasurer

Treasurer: noun
A person appointed to administer or manage the financial assets and liabilities of a society, company, local authority, or other body.

Brethren of the American Canadian Grand Lodge, upon being newly installed as your Grand Treasurer, let me begin by saying I am honored and humbled by your trust in my ability. I promise that I will always do my upmost to safeguard and manage the funds entrusted to the American Canadian Grand Lodge.
When I began my Masonic travels in January of 2012, I would have never believed that I would be chosen by my Brethren to hold such a prestigious position. In fact, the only position I thought would be really amazing to hold was that of Senior Deacon (a position that to this day still eludes me). Again, I am extremely humbled by the faith and confidence you have placed in me.
Rest assured that I do not enter this position important lightly. I understand the repercussions should I fail to perform my duties. With the steadfast guidance and support of the Grand Master, my predecessor, RWB Anthony Ward, and our Junior Grand Warden, RWB Tarek Eker, as well as the rest of the Grand Line, I am confident that our funds will be safely protected and accounted for.
I look forward to working hand in hand with all the Grand Line, especially the Grand Secretary, as we continue in our labors.
Fraternally and sincerely,

RW Greg Anderson

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