The Conference of Grand Masters of North America

The Conference of Grand Masters of North America (COGMA) was conducted 17-22 February 2023, at the Cristal Gateway Marriott Hotel, Alexandria, Virginia. Hosted by the Grand Lodge of Virginia, MWGM Donald E. Strehle.

The American Canadian Grand Lodge delegation included MWGM Luis A. Baez-Delgado, Lady Christine, MW Paul Curran, PGM, Lady Marlene, RW Anthony Ward, Lady Toshia, RW Tarik Eker and VW Mark Stanley. Also attending was WB David McLean and his Lady Aubrey (LOTTS 963).

The ACGL delegation took advantage of being in the Nation’s Capital and took the time to view many of the Capitol’s monuments, including the George Washington National Memorial, Mount Vernon Estate, The House of Temples, The Scottish Rite Temple, Smithsonian Museums, and other local attractions. A very impressive city with so much History.
Focusing on the general session of the Conference, topics revolved around the importance of modern technology as a tool in our communication and modernizing administrative and delivery programs in coping with today’s world. The importance of Grand Lodges and Lodges websites, the needs to have a Membership Committee, and incorporation of automated responses of petitions on our websites were discussed. Other topics, discussions and meetings included: “It’s not a Membership Problem – It’s a Leadership Problem”, the Scottish Rite Supreme Council, Masonic Service Association, Commission on Information and Recognition, Masonic Civility Committee, Best Practices to Transform Your Jurisdictions, Masonic Renewal Committee, Masonic Medical Research Institute, National Masonic Foundation for Children, Restoration and Commemoration of the George Washington Masonic National Memorial and Centennial Cornerstone, DeMolay International, International Rainbow for Girls.
The 100 Years George Washington Masonic National Memorial Cornerstone Celebration and George Washington Birthday Parade were a call to action, and to live Washington’s ideals of deep community support, involvement, and the advancement of knowledge for all people. The revival, for us to be better Craftsmen. The memorial stands as a beacon to the city of Alexandria and to the values espoused by our nation’s First President. I am extremely proud that I was able to attend, participate, and represent the ACGL in the historical Cornerstone Ceremony.

Keynote Speakers were Honorable Brother Senator Chuck Grassley, Senior United States Senator from Iowa; and Honorable Brother James Stuart Gilmore III, former Ambassador, and Governor of the State of Virginia.

Throughout the conference, fellowship prevailed. Another point worthy of mention, is, for us within the ACGL, the workings of the 5 Grand Lodges of the VGLvD is well known. For the members of the COGMNA it is a bit confusing. It was a pleasure for the members of our delegation to get the chance to explain to many in attendance, the history of the ACGL, its uniqueness, and our Masonic work in Germany.

Regarding recognition requests: For 2023, the Grand Lodges of Bulgaria, Ecuador, Georgia, Lebanon, and Romania did not meet the standards for recognition to the COGMA.

The Jack Jones Award recipient was MW George Allegro, Florida.
The Outstanding Communication Award recipient was the Grand Lodge of Kentucky.

Announcement for future Conference of Grand Masters of North America:
16-18 February 2024, Seattle, Washington
2025 COGMA, Illinois
2026 COGMA, Kansas City, Missouri

The ACGL delegation returned to Germany on 23 Feb 2023, end of report.

MW Luis Baez Delgado

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  1. When I look back on the start of my Masonic journey, I am reminded of my first ver meeting with a Grand Master of Masons, Paul Curran of the ACGL in Bahrain in 2009. I was a newly raised MM in Nejmah 897 Dist 9. He awarded me my first Masonic Tie. That tie has been worn around the world in many Masonic lodges and Grand Lodges. Although I am currently a Texas Mason my roots are still in the ACGL and gave me my first steps on my journeys to the East.

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