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VWB Björn Zappe DDGM

One of you

Since May 11, 2009 I am grateful to the Great Architect of the Universe to be one of you: A brother among equals under the Fatherhood of God. In this consciousness I perform my duties towards God, my neighbors and myself. In the family as a 38-year-old married father of an 11-year-old son. In my job as manager of a highly motivated team. In Masonry serving for the benefit of the brotherhood. All this in the certainty that the richness of the divine creation offers me all that I need for the daily work on my path of self-knowledge. Masonry has given me this self-understanding in the last almost 14 years, I give back to it in return my loyalty and my sense of duty. It is therefore a great honor for me, after almost four years as Master of Star of Africa Solomon #1071, to have been appointed by our Grand Master to serve the Lodges of the Sixth District intensively as DDGM in the new masonic year. For me, this means foremost to assist the Lodges in word and deed and to act as mediator between the Lodges and their Grand Lodge. All this for the good of our Fraternity as one of you.

VWB Björn Zappe

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