Invitation to All Recognized Master Masons who are American Citizens holding an American Passport in Europe.

The Scottish Rite is an appendant body of Freemasonry which offers a Master Mason who has completed the first three degrees in a Blue Lodge the opportunity to advance to the 32nd Degree. Master Masons holding membership in good standing in a recognized Blue Lodge may petition for the degrees, and membership in the Scottish Rite Valley of Washington, Orient of the District of Columbia. which confers the degrees annually at a Fall “Reunion” in Italy. Please submit a petition now, to be considered as a candidate for the next class.

The Scottish Rite Class for 2023 will be held 6/7 October in Genova (Italy)

Information on the hotel, special needs, airport pick-up, drop off will be forthcoming.

For a petition, or questions about Membership please contact Illustrious Brother James Barrett 33°, Personal Representative, Valley of Washington, D.C. for Germany, at , or Illustrious Brother Ron Reynolds 33°, Personal Representative, Valley of Washington, D.C. for Italy, at

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